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Supply & Demand Trading – In this video we see JeaFX Trading’s plans for EURUSD over the coming weeks. See how he plans to ride the trend down!

EurUSD currency pair trades in the huge forex liquid market.

This market is the largest financial market in the world, and boasts an average daily turnover estimated at around $4 billion per day.
Due to the growing availability of online forex brokers, retail traders can now participate in this exciting market in amounts suitable to their budgets.

Spreads and products

Due to the large number of market participants willing to quote prices, traders can benefit from competitive pricing environment. Banks and other financial institutions compete with each other for customer business.
When competing for business, forex market makers keep their dealing spreads in this pair very tight, usually just a couple of pips wide.
Another useful aspect of the competition is that a wide variety of trading instruments are available to fine tune the type of exposure a trader wishes to take. Besides spot trades, traders can also deal currency futures and forwards, swaps, contracts for difference (CFDs), currency exchange traded funds (ETFs) and Binary Options. In addition, traders can trade vanilla or exotic options types.


Forex can offer its clients the ability to trade liquid currency pairs with high leverage. Of course, using high leverage can magnify losses as well as gains, but it does provide ample opportunity for traders to speculate on exchange rate movements.
Our site offers a wide variety of tools, such as EUR USD charts, analysis, and news. Beginners can read articles and tutorials to help them get started and more experienced traders can read our strategy and analysis articles.

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The forex chart is one of the most important tools for traders...

It provides them with live rates and offers tracking and insights of the market. EUR-USD offers a free chart to analyze the past behavior of Euro Dollar currency pair. This will help you with your EUR USD forecast and trading.


Successful trades

EURUSD is one of the most popular assets in the financial markets today.


Daily turnover

Many traders choose to invest in instruments based on this currency pair.